First we Eat with Milton Keynes

Over 12 months we worked with communities in Fairfields and Whitehouse in Milton Keynes. We invited residents for lunch in exchange for a conversation about family, creativity, well-being and a new public art commission for the area.

What we did

We commissioned artist Saj Fareed who designed creative packs and lead a creative conversation with students and teachers at Fairfield Primary School and Watling Secondary school in Whitehouse. We spoke to residents at events, cafes and online.

The project website

Milton Keynes culture team had commissioned a website as the first part of this project - read our blogs to follow each stage of our project.

The results

6 project blogs

for the explore Fairfields & Whitehouse website

Conversations with 240 individuals

gathering information on themes, values and format

200 project packs for schools

containing creative activities & locally made jam

2 new badge making machines

bought for fun day and left with each community

How we engaged with people

Use local history to connect people with the past and anchor them in order to build for the future.""

Fairfields resident

There are loads of birds and wildlife - its very important that we encourage the wildlife back.""

Whitehouse Primary student

Who was involved?

The work was commissioned by Milton Keynes Council and supported by the Parish Council’s in Fairfield and Whitehouse.


  • Lucy Jefferies

  • Emily Atkinson

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